SILENO Range grass breaker
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Innovative Robotic Lawnmower for small lawns up to 250 m2 - Available at Bunnings Warehouse
SILENO City 250
Article No. : 15001-38
For lawns up to 250 m²
SILENO City 500
Article No. : 15002-38
For lawns up to 500 m²
SILENO Life 750
Article No. : 15101-38
For lawns up to 750 m²
Article No. : 15020-20
Offers extra protection from direct sunlight and severe weather conditions.
Blade Kit
Article No. : 4087-20
All you need to change your mower blades
Boundary Wire - 150m
Article No. : 4088-20
150m spare wire for mapping out the mowing area
Couplers and Connectors Kit
Article No. : 4089-20
Spares for connecting and extending your boundary or guide wires
Installation Pegs
Article No. : 4090-20
Spares for securing your boundary and guide wire
Wall Hanging Bracket
Article No. : 4045-20
Great space-saving storage solution
Maintenance and Cleaning Kit
Article No. : 4067-20
Accessories for care and maintenance work on Robotic Lawnmowers
Keeps the wheels free of grass and dirt



After-sales support

The Support Center is full of helpful information to assist you with the installation and programming of your SILENO Robotic Lawnmower.                                                                                                            
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GARDENA Robotic lawnmower

Extended warranty

Register your robotic lawnmower after purchase and benefit from an extended warranty up to 3 years granted by GARDENA.

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As a premium brand, GARDENA offers a range of accessories such as mower garages, wall hanging brackets, maintenance & cleaning kits and wheel brushes to keep your mower in the best shape.
GARDENA Robotic lawnmower

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