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Clever watering with a GARDENA system

Your garden is always thirsty, even when you're away or sleeping in bed. To quench that thirst, GARDENA has a range of Water Controls that can be connected directly to a tap. You can also water different areas of your garden separately, such as the lawn, flower boxes on the terrace or flower beds. Then, a multi-channel control system ensures that each area is supplied with the right amount of water at the right time.

The unique features of the GARDENA Water Control Range

GARDENA Water Controls take care of watering early in the morning or when you are on holidays. You decide when and how often your plants need watering — then the Water Control takes care of the rest. There is a suitable model available for every requirement.

Close-up of a person using the GARDENA watering control panel

Unique user interface

Simple and intuitive programming thanks to the twist-and-push principle

Closeup of a person using the detachable water timer panel

Detachable control panel

Can be conveniently adjusted thanks to a detachable, sloping control panel (does not apply to the Manual Tap Timer)

GARDENA watering controls system in the rain

High Quality

Weather-resistant electronics and corrosion-resistant valve

Logo: Safe stop

Safe Stop

100% safe closing — watering does not begin if the battery level is too low

A person filling a bucket with water

"Water now“ function

The manual watering function can be used at any time without having to remove the control unit, convenient when filling up a bucket.

Close-up of a person using the GARDENA watering controls panel

Screen lock

No accidental changes to the settings thanks to the screen lock

Discover our Water Control range

GARDENA Manual Tap Timer in a garden

Manual Tap Timer

Watering timer for occasional watering

GARDENA Water timer Flex


Extra-short watering cycles — perfect for watering pot plants

GARDENA Water controls Select in a garden


Flexible watering thanks to three different irrigation schedules

GARDENA Water controls Master in a garden


Ideal for watering up to six irrigation areas with the Automatic Water Distributor.

GARDENA water controls Multi Control in a garden

Multi Control Duo

For watering up to two irrigation areas with different requirements

GARDENA water control installed in a garden


Convenient Water Control with Bluetooth® connection

Setting up a water computer

Water Computer Quick Guides

Programming your GARDENA Water Computer is easy. Our quick guides will help you every step of the way and if you need further assistance, give us a call. We are happy to help.