Equipped with a patented dosage system, GARDENA Spreaders make the distribution of fertiliser, seeds and lime effortless and precise
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Innovative and convenient – create a beautiful lawn effortlessly

Close-up of a GARDENA Spreader

Reliable and efficient

Thanks to their patented scattering roller, GARDENA Spreaders are easy to handle and provide an even distribution regardless of the material. The patented locking slide with seal lip closes the container perfectly tight.

Close-up of the handle of a GARDENA Spreader

Easy to use

The open/close function on the handle makes it easy to use and prevents accidental leakage. Also, the setting of the quantity of spreading material can be done in a standing position.

Hand Spreader being used to spread salt in the winter

Convenient handling

The Handspreader is easily operated using a hand crank. The rotation speed regulates the spreading range.

Man adjusting the dosage of a GARDENA spreader

Versatile applications

GARDENA Spreaders can be used with spreading material in a variety of particle sizes such as fertilisers, seeds, granulate, sand and road salt.


3D graphic of a city house with a medium sized garden

Handspreader M

✓ Small/medium lawn areas <100m² (city garden)

✓ 1,8 liter capacity

✓ 1 – 4 m range

✓ top ergonomics/ reliable function

3D graphic of an individual house with a medium sized garden

Spreader L

✓ Medium/large sized areas <400 m²

✓ 12,5 liter capacity

✓ 45 cm range

✓ trickle stop, ergonomic adj., service hatch (pat.pend)

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