The Sprinklersystem that understands your lawn


Trustworthy, water-efficient lawn irrigation

A perfect green lawn on a summer morning, the fresh smell of grass covered by morning dew. All green, nice and clean. A picture perfect lawn is always a lovely sight but in order to look this way, it needs care. Our lawns deteriorate quickly when there’s insufficient rain, especially during hot and dry summer days.

Good reasons for automatic lawn irrigation


Beautiful lawn

Keeps any size lawn lush and green



Reliable system that takes care of your lawn while you enjoy your free time


Water efficient

Reduced precipitation for perfect water absorption in the soil


Bluetooth® convenience

Allowing you to easily program and monitor the watering schedule of your underground irrigation system.

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Quick & Easy Connection

Easy, secure & flexible to install with the patented technology Quick & Easy

Frost proof & quick and easy

Sprinklersystem for any size of garden

GARDENA Sprinklersystem is the ideal lawn irrigation solution to achieve a green and lush lawn at all times. This convenient and water-efficient underground installation with Pop-up Sprinkler is ideal for small and large gardens. This is a particularly worthwhile investment when laying a new lawn. An underground irrigation system can be easily installed underneath turf. Pop-up Sprinkler, which are connected to a system of underground pipes, are especially unobtrusive. As soon as they’ve finished their job, they disappear back into the ground again.


Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn is the centrepiece of your garden.

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