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Every drop counts

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Water is a precious resource that needs to be used wisely

So watering the garden efficiently is particularly important. The clever watering solutions from GARDENA supply plants with just the right amount of water — neither too little nor too much. Watering in this way not only saves water, but also contributes to optimal plant growth. 

Clever watering with GARDENA

A drop of water

Conserving resources

With a drip irrigation system, the correct amount of water is dispensed directly to where it is needed: the roots. A precise method of watering that saves water — drop by drop. 

Sun and leaves

Healthy plants

Crunchy cucumbers, an abundance of sweet strawberries and truly luscious blooms — healthy plants and a fruitful harvest are the rewards we can reap from a properly watered garden. 

Time saving

More free time

An automatic watering system ensures that your plants always receive an optimal level of care. Once programmed, a reliable watering system will take care of the work — leaving you to enjoy your leisure time. 

This is how intelligent watering works 

From watering your lawn, flower beds and hedges to pot plants on your balcony or terrace — only deliver water when it is really needed and use the best source of water available. GARDENA has the perfect solution for your garden. 

A GARDENA Water control system and many plant pots

Water Control

For fully automatic and water-saving garden irrigation.

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The GARDENA pump

GARDENA Pump Range

Using water wisely with GARDENA pumps.

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10 golden rules for watering

To prevent your plants from wilting this summer, they need plenty of water. But how much and how often should you be watering? Here are some golden rules that you should consider when watering your plants.