Battery Lawnmowers

Easy to use, ergonomic and reliable lawnmowers for a beautiful lawn.
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Powerful and ergonomic

Young man mowing his lawn with the Gardena Powermax Lawnmower

Precise and powerful

With edging combs on the side of the lawnmower you can cut close to walls and edges.

Young woman folding up her GARDENA Lawnmower

Easy transport and storage

The holding bar is foldable making the unit easy to transport and allowing it to be stored in a space-saving manner.

Woman mowing lawn with  Battery Lawnmower HandyMower

Lightweight, manoeuvrable and compact

Its lightweight and compact design make mowing the lawn as easy and effortless as vacuuming your living room.

Close-up of the ergonomic handle of the Gardena electric lawnmower

Designed for ergonomics and comfort

The handle's ergonomic shape allows a natural hand position, so you can push the mower effortlessly and comfortably.


Garden inspiration

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Caring for your lawn

It is easy to take your lawn for granted and to think of it as a single entity that needs mowing every so often, and in return, will provide a green space to play on or look at, but actually, it needs you more than you think.
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