Watering Pumps

If you want to water your garden, you can pump it from a rainwater tank, dam, or well - depending on your garden situation.
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Watering Pump

Garden Pumps

For all-around garden irrigation, featuring safe pump functions and two outlets.

Young woman installing a Rain Water Tank Pump in a barrel in her garden

Rain Water Tank Pumps

For easy use of rain water from rain water tanks, featuring slimline design and automatic on/off function

Automatic Home and Garden Pump in a garden with a sprinkler watering the lawn in the background

Automatic Home and Garden Pumps

For convenient garden irrigation, featuring self-diagnosis system and dry running protection.


Garden inspiration

Bluetooth Water Computer in the garden

10 golden rules for watering

Your plants need plenty of water, especially during summer. How do you water your plants correctly? Here are 10 useful tips for your water management.

A Deep Dive into Watering

There is nothing like a good rainfall to water the garden but with the right equipment, we can do a very good job at standing in for nature when rain isn’t forthcoming.
Woman watering flowers

The science of perfect watering

Every gardener knows that mastering the perfect watering schedule can be a challenge. It involves biology, ecology, mathematics, and, let's not forget, intuition.