Different GARDENA ClickUp! products for every season

ClickUp! - The all-season lifestyle system

The GARDENA ClickUp! is a versatile decoration system for outdoor areas. The range includes decorative elements for every season: from a stylish flower bowl for spring to an elegant fire torch for cool autumn evenings. The practical thing about it: With the innovative GARDENA ClickUp! System, the attachments can be exchanged very easily with just one click. It’s the perfect way to decorate your green outdoor living space to suit every season!

For a garden that gives you…

GARDENA ClickUp insect hotel


GARDENA ClickUp bird bath

…an oasis for birds…

GARDENA ClickUp rain gauge

…to track the weather…

GARDENA ClickUp wind light

…a warm ambience…

One handle – many possibilities

A person assembling the GARDENA ClickUp insect hotel

One-Click Connector

With the innovative GARDENA ClickUp! System the attachments can be exchanged very easily. The practical One-Click mechanism allows you to attach your decorative elements simply, quickly and securely. 

A person pushes the GARDENA ClickUp handle into the lawn

Little Helper

The stainless steel speared end guarantees a firm and stable anchor to the ground and, with the help of the special metal rod, you can easily push it into the ground without tools.

Different GARDENA ClickUp products for every season


Place the award-winning ClickUp! Handle in a special place in your garden, add a ClickUp! decorative attachment of your choice and give your outdoor surroundings special style, warmth and character. 

GARDENA ClickUp wind lantern

Premium Design

Its simple yet elegant design will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Choose between the Flower Bowl, Insect Hotel, Torch Fireplace, Rain Gauge, and Bird Feeder and feel free to interchange them when it suits you.

5 years GARDENA warranty

Outstanding product quality

GARDENA quality products stand for trustworthy performance, reliability and continuous innovation. With a guarantee of 5 years, GARDENA always offers the highest quality.

Article No. 11340-20
Article No. 11300-20

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A woman on the terrace with a GARDENA ClickUp
GARDENA ClickUp flower bowl
A man lighting up a GARDENA ClickUp torch