Hedge trimmers

Whether shrubs or boxwoods, small or large hedges, GARDENA has the right trimmer for your hedges.
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Well-groomed hedges without the hard work

Close-up of a Gardena Hedge Trimmer cutting a hedge

It's all about comfort!

The GARDENA Hedge Trimmers are well balanced and have ergonomically designed handles to guarantee comfortable work.

A man trimming her hedge with a Gardena Hedge Trimmer

Easy to use

The ComfortCut is a light and powerful hedge trimmer with durable and robust blades – ideal for cutting small to medium hedges.

A man trimming a high hedge, using the telescopic handle of the Gardena Hedge Trimmer

Top handling

Easy and convenient with a reach of up to 3 meters, perfect for the efficient cutting of high hedges safely from the ground.

A man trimming the top of a hedge with the Gardena Hedge Trimmer

Best ergonomic working position

The tiltable head lets you conveniently cut hedge tops as well as groundcover from a comfortable position.


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