GARDENA 18V Battery System

GARDENA’s battery range has all your garden chores covered. Take care of your plants, hedges, trees and lawns, and keep your garden and patio neat and tidy.
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Passion powered by GARDENA

One battery runs the mower, lawn trimmer, pruner, hedge trimmer, pressure washer and blower. Long runtime and fast charging. Lightweight and eco-friendly.

a young woman with a Gardena HandyMower
A young man using the Gardena PowerMax Battery Lawnmower
A young woman trimming her hedge with a Gardena Hedge Trimmer
A young man holding a Gardena Grass Trimmer
A young man blowing leaves in his driveway with the Gardena Garden Blower
A man cleaning his bike with the Gardena Medium Pressure Washer


United in ONE 18V battery ecosystem

Gardena 18V battery system

System Battery PBA 18V/45

For all jobs in the garden, the allrounder battery for every use. Perfect balance of runtime and weight.

Gardena 18V Battery system

System Battery PBA 18V/72

For all jobs in the garden, more weight but extra run time or extra power

Service & Information

3 years of warranty

Register your 18V POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE products within 3 months of the purchase date and get 3 years of warranty.

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