GARDENA axes have been developed for felling, splitting, de-branching or hewing - and there is an axe for any need.
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Stay sharp

A Gardena Axe


Carefully selected materials guarantee the long life of your GARDENA Axe. Made to last, you will enjoy using it for a long time.

A person splitting a wooden log with a Gardena Universal Axe

Universal Axes

Powerful, solid, long-lasting for excellent results. It is ideal for splitting resinous wood like spruces and pines and limbing, or chopping fresh wood

A person splitting a log of wood with a Gardena Splitting Axe

Splitting Axes

The right axe to get your hands on for splitting medium-sized logs. The wedge-shaped blade head geometry is designed to splay the wood so that you can split logs for firewood more easily.

Gardena Universal Hatchet chopping a wood log

Universal Hatchet

The Universal Hatchet is a small, one-handed version of a universal axe, ideal for making kindling, limbing small trees and other outdoor and trekking activities.

A Gardena axe being used to work on a tree

Long life and 100% safety

Premium workmanship and product quality results in a break-proof, lightweight, yet robust and durable product that will have a long life with the highest work safety. GARDENA offers a 25-year warranty on all axes.

A Gardena Axe in a piece of wood

Excellent work ergonomics

GARDENA axes are comfortable and effective thanks to their optimal weight distribution, light glass fibre-reinforced plastic, and ergonomically shaped handles.


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