Woman is  holding a garden watering sprayer with water meter

AquaCount: Watering gardens with measured care

5 years manufacturer's warranty

Perfect irrigation is a balancing act. Let the innovative GARDENA AquaCount Water Meter help you water your garden in a controlled and mindful manner. It brings the science of precise measuring to your irrigation.

A woman operating the water meter in her garden

Measure and manage your water consumption

A woman watering her plants and checking the water meter

Apply precise levels of water plants require

A sprinkler with a garden water meter

Control how much water your garden uses

A garden water tap with water meter

Designed to save water sustainably

A person holding a garden watering sprayer with water meter

Easy to operate, ready to use

AquaCount at a glance

Icon: electronic water meter

Watering as required

Measures and controls the water consumption in the garden

Ready to use

Easy to operate

One button for all functions

Frost and UV proof

Outstanding quality

Frost and UV proof

Battery included

Ready to use

Battery included

Only one button for all 4 different functions

1 button - 4 different functions

Function #1:
Water consumption e.g. per day

Function #2:
Water consumption e.g. per season

Function #3:
Water consumption per watering cycle, e.g. exact amount of water used per plant (auto set)

Function #4:
Current flow in l/min or gal/min 

Different GARDENA products with a water meter attached

* Warranty Information: www.gardena.com/warranty