A photomontage of a man playing with water at a natural pool

Feel the power of GARDENA pumps

1. Key features of our pumps

A GARDENA water pump


GARDENA innovations that make life easier around the home and garden.

A GARDENA electric pump in the garden

Leading brand

Most preferred brand in Europe with over 11 million pumps sold. 

(Source: GARDENA market research)

A man in the garden using a GARDENA submersible pressure pump

High performance

High performance and quality. Maximum durability with self-protective technologies.

2. The perfect product for any application

A GARDENA drainage pump


With pumps for drainage you can pump water out of flooded cellars, out of the laundry room, the pool, pond or pit. You can even transfer water e.g from a pond to a rain water tank.

Drainage pump types:

  • Dirty Water Submersible Pumps
A GARDENA irrigation pump in the garden


With irrigation pumps, you can irrigate water from dams, wells, cisterns, and rain water tanks. In addition to this, you can increase the water pressure of the tap.

Irrigation pump types:

  • Garden Pumps
  • Automatic Home & Garden Pumps
  • Rain Water Tank Pumps
A GARDENA domestic pump in the house


Domestic pumps are used to pump water for the household (e.g flushing toilets and washing machines). You can also pump water for the garden from alternative water sources and for small irrigation purposes.

Domestic use pump types:

  • Pressure Tank Units
  • Automatic Home & Garden Pumps