Micro Irrigation

Water-conserving garden irrigation, for versatile use on the balcony, patio or in the vegetable and flower garden. It can be automatically controlled with GARDENA Water Computers.
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Garden inspiration

Bluetooth Water Computer in the garden

10 golden rules for watering

Your plants need plenty of water, especially during summer. How do you water your plants correctly? Here are 10 useful tips for your water management.
Woman in hammock

Surviving the heat

Unlike us, plants in our gardens don’t have the luxury of seeking shelter and can only do their best with where they are. Any assistance the garden can get from us at this time of year will make the difference between life and death.
Woman watering flowers

The science of perfect watering

Every gardener knows that mastering the perfect watering schedule can be a challenge. It involves biology, ecology, mathematics, and, let's not forget, intuition.