Herbs recipes

Garden Life
When pots get showered with herbs and you do not know what to do with them – here are some ideas.
Herb butter:
During barbecue season it is nice to have a self-made herb butter. This is easy to do: Take out the butter of the fridge and let it go soft. In the meantime you can chop the herbs. Afterwards, mix  the butter with the herbs and add some salt, if required. Put the butter back into the fridge, give it some time to become hard again and enjoy your self-made herb butter later on.

Salt with herbs:
This is very tasty in salads or for a fish dish. All you need are dried herbs. Cut off a bunch of fresh herbs and let them dry in the indirect sun or in the oven. Afterwards, rub the herbs between your hands until they have fallen into small parts and mix them with salt. That’s it. Ready to be used as herb-flavoured salt.

Dry herbs:
Cut off the fresh herbs, make a bouquet and hang it upside down. Choose a breezy, shady place. With the dried herbs you can make tea or create your own fragrant bag.

Tasty water:
During the hot season it is important to drink enough, especially if you do some sweaty gardening tasks. Why not fill a carafe with water and add some fresh delicious mint? Adding slices of lime, lemon or gingseng into your water will add extra refreshment.  You will see, this will make it easy to drink more water throughout the day.