Cutting trees at heights

Garden Life
Working in the treetops is a complicated, cumbersome and dangerous task for amateur gardeners. Cutting the branches from the ground is the easy and safe approach.

Cumbersome work

For inexperienced gardeners in particular, working in the treetops can be technically challenging and even dangerous. The often cold and wet autumn weather complicates matters further because it makes branches slippery and hands clammy. Cutting the tops of trees can be made much simpler by using a tree lopper or branch pruner while keeping your feet on the ground.

Down-to-earth work

The gardener remains safely on the ground at all times and always has full control. As an extra advantage, the branch pruners can be easily hooked into the branch that you are cutting, meaning no additional securing is required.

Expert tip

Blades should always be kept sharp to prevent bruising of the wound edges, which would mean poorer healing of cuts and possibly even lead to disease in the wound and tree.