Our target for 2025

The people pillar aims to raise awareness for the current challenges that the planet is facing. Therefore, we inspire our teams and our consumers to adopt sustainable behaviours - be it at work, in their daily lives or in their garden.

  • We encourage behavioral changes among our teams to make our Division even more diverse, with a highly engaged and healthy workforce.

  • We train all our employees to inspire individual actions to tackle sustainability challenges. We empower our consumers to establish sustainable gardening habits with our innovative product solutions, our inspirational advice and service offers.

  • We have long-standing involvements in social affairs as part of our social responsibility.

By 2025, we will empower 5 million consumers and colleagues to make sustainable choices.



Internal awareness raising for our entire workforce on the topic of sustainability

Raising awareness for sustainability

Our employee-wide sustainability e-learning program is the flagship course in our newly launched Global Sustainability Learning Journey. It is designed to engage all our employees and trigger conversations on the actions each individual can take to tackle climate change and other sustainability challenges.

Diversity & Inclusion

We define diversity in the broadest sense, including age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, cultural identity, disability and overall life experiences. Importantly, it also includes diversity of thought. Three objectives help us shape a diverse and inclusive organisation:

  • Diversity in our teams: By measuring overall diversity in our teams and gender balance in leadership.

  • Inclusive leadership and culture: By surveying employee perceptions of diversity and inclusion every year and measuring the share of employees who have received training.

  • External validation: We measure performance annually using the Bloomberg GEI (Gender Equality Index) and commit to a year-on-year increase of our D&I score.


Creating Sustainovators

Our Sustainovator ambassador program engages volunteers to contribute ideas to Sustainovate from across the organisation. We host quarterly webinars and keep Sustainovators up to date on the sustainability agenda and our progress. We share best practices, and draw on inspiration from external initiatives and other sustainability leaders.


Recognised for leadership

Husqvarna Group was named a Diversity Leader by the Financial Times. We ranked 128 out of a shortlist of 850, drawn from a list of 15,000 European companies.

Our Consumers


Building the market for sustainable solutions and encouraging consumers to adopt sustainable options

We empower our consumers to establish sustainable gardening habits

At GARDENA, we believe that small actions can lead to big changes. Our range of gardening tools is designed with sustainability in mind. We use materials, such as recycled plastics and FSC®-certified wood to reduce our environmental impact. Our products are also built to last, meaning that you can rely on them for many gardening seasons to come. But it's not just about the products –  we believe that by sharing our knowledge in green gardening practices we can help our customers make a real difference in their own green spaces.

EcoLine products

EcoLine products help consumers to make a sustainable choice

GARDENA EcoLine is a range of high quality gardening tools that is made with significant shares of recycled materials. All EcoLine plastic elements are made out of high shares of post-consumer recycled plastic.

A colourful garden ecosystem

Creating and maintaining green spaces

Giving your garden planning the care and attention it deserves is the best way to bring your garden to life. You want flowers to be blooming and the scent of fresh herbs in the air...

Clever watering is key

Clever watering is key

Green spaces can only exist when they're cared for in the right way. Therefore efficient watering is key. Read more about how to use water wisely. 

What we do in other pillars of our SUSTAINOVATE program


Rethinking and redesigning for a resource-smart customer experience

Implement the principles of a circular economy in our organization by reusing materials, reducing waste and increasing recyclability for products and product packaging, while also enabling efficient use of water.


Driving the transition to low-carbon solutions

Carbon reduction in our operations and beyond providing our fair share in limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C in accordance with the Paris Agreement – the global framework for climate policy.