Our target for 2025

We commit to reusing materials, increasing recyclability, and reducing waste. We put a particular focus on the responsible use of the resource water. The circular opportunity combines our passion for circularity with our innovation capabilities.

  • We keep materials in use by ensuring longevity of products through their design.

  • We increasingly use recycled materials, especially plastic, while having the same performance and quality as comparable products without recycled materials.

  • We try to reduce waste and increase the recycling ratio in our packaging.

  • As water is one of the most endangered resources, we will continue designing specific products to use water efficiently when irrigating and using water in our own operations in a smart way.

By 2025 we will provide 50 circular innovations.

Circular innovations: approaches that reduce the need to extract materials and close loops in our economy, keeping products and materials in use.



The need to extract resources

We reduce waste and the usage of water through innovative products and in our own operations. Durable and reliable, the products are perfectly suitable for many years of use under the demanding conditions of everyday gardening. Longevity of products is key. We are convinced of the quality of our products that we offer warranty periods of up to 35 years.



Keep products and materials in use

Many of our products offer extraordinarily long warranties, but should they ever break, we want to make repairs as easy and cost-effective as possible – to further extend the lifetime of the products. Thus, should a beloved GARDENA product happen to break, there is the opportunity to repair it yourself with replacement parts in a lot of cases. 



Closing loops in our economy

Through dedicated resources and research we drive projects to improve both existing and future processes. From raw materials to internal logistics, manufacturing and product packaging, our progress to reduce demand for resources by shifting to recycled materials allows us to save virgin, fossil-based plastic.

What we have achieved so far



How we contribute to use our precious ressource efficiently through innovation

Water is one of the foundations of sustainable, green spaces. But water is also a scarce resource that must be used responsibly. Many regions of the earth are already suffering from severe water shortages today, and the situation looks set to get much worse in the coming years. This makes it all the more important to use water wisely – because every drop counts. We focus on enabling our customers to adopt efficient irrigation solutions, while also reducing water consumption in our own operations.



How we contribute to an optimal product life cycle

To produce high-performing and durable gardening tools, a wide variety of materials is needed - such as plastics, wood or steel. We strive to reduce their use as much as possible, both in our products and packaging, and to work with recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. It also goes without saying that reducing and recycling material waste in our own factories and warehouses is a must for us.