29 Results found for: Premium Secateur Bypass
Premium Bypass Secateurs
Article No. : 8702-20
Premium quality with adjustable blade tension
Premium Bypass Secateurs
Article No. : 8701-20
Premium quality
Garden Bypass Secateurs
Article No. : 8754-20
Stainless steel lower blade.
Garden S Bypass Secateurs
Article No. : 8854-25
Durable and ergonomic
Garden S-XL Bypass Secateurs
Article No. : 8905-25
Light, infinitely adjustable and durable
Premium choice with aluminium handles
Designed for demanding garden enthusiasts
Bypass Pruning Lopper 680 B
Article No. : 8775-20
The robust Pruning Loppers for fresh wood
Bypass Pruning Lopper 500 BL
Article No. : 8770-20
Ultra-light and comfortable for cutting
Designed for demanding cutting tasks with 3X more power
Medium Anvil Garden Secateurs
Article No. : 8903-25
Ideal for hard, dry wood
Premium Multi Sprayer
Article No. : 18317-20
A premium sprayer with five spraying patterns.
Premium Hose Connector - 13 mm
Article No. : 18255-20
Premium Quality at the hose outlet
Premium Metal Spray Gun - 19 mm
Article No. : G8107/18
The premium 19 mm multi sprayer
Premium Quality at the tap
Premium Quality at the tap
Premium Gear Hedge Clippers 650
Article No. : 395-20
Premium quality for professional looking hedges
Premium Trigger Gun Nozzle
Article No. : 18305-20
Premium nozzle for convenient cleaning and watering.