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Maxi-Flo™ 3-Way Union
Article No. : 2833-20
Divides your watering source in two
Maxi-Flo™ Adaptor
Article No. : G2821
For converting to the Maxi-Flo™ System
Maxi-Flo™ Hose Coupling
Article No. : G2831
For easy hose connection or extension
Maxi-Flo™ Reducing Coupling
Article No. : G2830
For hose extensions and conversions from Maxi-Flo™ System to Original GARDENA System
Washer set for Maxi-Flo™ Tap Nut Adaptors
Profi MF Spray Lance
Profi MF Shower/Spray Gun
Classic high capacity hose nozzle
Forms the basis of the Maxi-Flo™ System
Ideal for changing accessories without turning off the tap