80 Results found for: CS Garden saw 300 P curved
Specialised pull action toothing
Optimum cutting angle
Waters up to 5 pots
Waters up to 7 pots & 3 planters
Automatically Waters up to 7 pots & 3 planters
AquaBloom Kit
Article No. : 13300-20
Solar-powered irrigation kit for balconies and terraces
Classic Adjustable Spray Nozzle
Article No. : 18300-20
Small and compact nozzle for cleaning and watering.
GARDENA AquaContour
Article No. : 8133-20
The innovation in garden irrigation
combisystem Garden Saw
Article No. : 8750-20
Flexible use - low and high branches
Garden Pump 3000/4
Article No. : 1707-52
Robust and compact starter model
Garden Pump 3500/4
Article No. : 1709-52
Robust and compact with two outlets
Garden Bypass Secateurs
Article No. : 8754-20
Stainless steel lower blade.
Garden S Bypass Secateurs
Article No. : 8854-25
Durable and ergonomic
GARDENA Sprinkler Connector
Article No. : 5304-20
Fits most GARDENA square and oscillating sprinklers
Garden saw 135 P
Article No. : 8742-20
The easy-to-use and space-saving saw for pruning trees
Garden Saw 200 P
Article No. : 8743-20
ideal for all minor sawing work
Garden saw 300 P
Article No. : 8745-20
For a smooth cut through fresh and dry wood
Garden Shower solo
Article No. : 961-20
Pleasant showering in the garden