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2hr Manual Water Timer
Article No. : 1169-25
Clever and simple
Flex Water Computer
Article No. : 1890-20
Perfect for little-but-often watering needs of pot plants
Select Water Computer
Article No. : 1891-20
Flexible watering thanks to its three independent irrigation schedules
Master Water Computer
Article No. : 1892-20
Masters up to six independent programs
Automatic Water Distributor
Article No. : 1197-20
Multi-zone irrigation
MultiControl Duo Water Computer
Article No. : 1874-20
Dual outlet water computer
Water Smart Flow Meter
Article No. : 8188-20
Measured and mindful irrigation
Four Channel Water Distributor
Article No. : 8194-20
Four outlets on one tap.
Water Stop Hose Connector - 13 mm
Article No. : 18213-20
Leak-free connection at hose-end
Water Stop Hose Connector - 19 mm
Article No. : 18214-20
Leak-free connection at hose-end
Highest quality solid brass
Basic Hose Set with Water Stop
Article No. : 18291-25
Complete set for easy connection