Sit back, relax and have the watering done

Your garden still needs water when you are away or asleep. Even then your plants are perfectly irrigated thanks to the GARDENA Water Computers that are directly connected to the tap. Or you can also water different areas of your garden separately, for example the lawn, flower boxes on the patio or flowerbeds. Then a Multi-Channel Control System ensures that each separate area is supplied with the correct amount of water at the right time.


On-demand, water-saving irrigation

Connect a Soil Moisture Sensor to a Water Control to interrupt or prevent automatic watering when the soil is sufficiently moist. Saves water by only watering your garden when necessary.


Water Distributor for up to 6 irrigation lines

In combination with a Water Distributor Automatic a GARDENA MasterControl can control up to six garden areas and automatically water them one after the other.

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2hr Water Timer
Article No. : 1169-29
Clever and simple
EasyControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1881-20
Easy to program
FlexControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1883-20
Flexible programming
MultiControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1862-28
Flexible frequency selection
MasterControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1864-28
Masters up to six independent programs
MultiControl Duo Water Computer
Article No. : 1874-20
Dual outlet water computer
MaxControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1834-20
Programs up to 6 areas.
Soil Moisture Sensor
Article No. : 1188-20
Keeps soil at the perfect moisture level.
Rain Sensor
Article No. : 1189-20
Stops irrigation when it rains.
Automatic Water Distributor
Article No. : 1197-20
Multi-zone irrigation
T1030 Card Reader Water Timer
Article No. : 1830-29
Ideal with low pressure