Clever watering with a GARDENA system

Your garden is always thirsty, even when you're away or sleeping in bed. To quench that thirst, GARDENA has a range of Watering Controls that can be connected directly to a tap. You can also water different areas of your garden separately, such as the lawn, flower boxes on the terrace or the flower beds. Then, a multi-channel control system ensures that each area is supplied with the right amount of water at the right time.
Water Computers Video
2hr Water Timer
Article No. : 1169-29
Clever and simple
EasyControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1881-20
Easy to program
FlexControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1883-20
Flexible programming
MultiControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1862-28
Flexible frequency selection
MasterControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1864-28
Masters up to six independent programs
MultiControl Duo Water Computer
Article No. : 1874-20
Dual outlet water computer
MaxControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1834-20
Programs up to 6 areas.
Soil Moisture Sensor
Article No. : 1188-20
Keeps soil at the perfect moisture level.
Rain Sensor
Article No. : 1189-20
Stops irrigation when it rains.
Automatic Water Distributor
Article No. : 1197-20
Multi-zone irrigation
T1030 Card Reader Water Timer
Article No. : 1830-29
Ideal with low pressure
No Image Available