It’s all under control

Planning to go on holidays? Busy at work? Family got you running around on the weekend? Or, would you just like more time to relax?...

Yes - But, your garden still needs water even when you are away or asleep? The solution is easy - simply connect a GARDENA Water Control directly to your tap, and decide where, when, how long, and how often you want to water your garden. Whether it‘s a portable sprinkler, a micro-drip-system or a complex irrigation system, the Water Control will look after it all for you.

The unique features of the GARDENA Water Control Range


What's new in the garden

Water Timer 2 hr
Article No. : 1169-25
Cost-favourable automatic irrigation
Flex Water Computer
Article No. : 1890-20
Perfect for little-but-often watering needs of pot plants
Select Water Computer
Article No. : 1891-20
Flexible watering thanks to its three independent irrigation schedules
MasterControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1864-28
Masters up to six independent programs
MultiControl Duo Water Computer
Article No. : 1874-20
Dual outlet water computer
Soil Moisture Sensor
Article No. : 1188-20
Keeps soil at the perfect moisture level.
Automatic Water Distributor
Article No. : 1197-20
Multi-zone irrigation
T1030 Card Reader Water Timer
Article No. : 1830-29
Ideal with low pressure


Expired product
EasyControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1881-20
Easy to program
Expired product
FlexControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1883-20
Flexible programming
Expired product
MultiControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1862-28
Flexible frequency selection
Expired product
MaxControl Water Computer
Article No. : 1834-20
Programs up to 6 areas.
Expired product
Rain Sensor
Article No. : 1189-20
Stops irrigation when it rains.
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