Ideal watering for every garden

Whether large or small areas, GARDENA offers the ideal sprinkler for every garden and lawn.


Precise, even watering of lawns, beds and hedges

In the modern GARDENA Sprinkler range, there is a sprinkler for almost every garden size and shape. Use the filter below to find the right sprinkler for your needs.


Circular Sprinklers

Quiet and easy-to-handle sprinklers for small up to large areas in the garden. With multifarious settings.


Oscillating Sprinklers

For areas of 90 to 350 m². For even, puddle-free watering of square and rectangular areas.


Wide-Range Sprinklers

For areas up to 490 m². Fine adjustment to sector or full circle distribution.

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Classic Rose Sprinkler Foxtrot
Article No. : 1953-20
The Rose Sprinkler for smaller to middle areas
The choice of 6 patterns
Circular Sprinkler Samba
Article No. : 2060-20
The practical circular sprinkler for small to medium areas
Comfort Circular Sprinkler Mambo
Article No. : 2062-20
The convenient Circular Sprinkler for smaller to larger areas
Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario
Article No. : 1948-20
The Circular Sprinkler with even irrigation
Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario
Article No. : 1949-20
The circular sprinkler with sprinkler-turning turbine
Circular Sled Sprinkler Tango
Article No. : 2065-20
Precision nozzles for small to large areas
Sprinkler Tripod
Article No. : 2075-20
Converts a ground-level sprinkler to a high-level sprinkler
Spike Sprinkler
Article No. : G970
An economic solution for small areas.
Even watering of smaller areas
Even irrigation through precision nozzles
Even irrigation through precision nozzles
ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler
Article No. : 8127-20
Our most clever oscillating sprinkler yet
Comfort Aquazoom 250/2
Article No. : 1973-20
The sprinkler for individual irrigation of smaller rectangular areas
The sector sprinkler made of robust plastic
The quiet Turbo-Drive Sprinkler on a plastic sled
The quiet Turbo-Drive Sprinkler with spike
The sprinkler for large areas
The sprinkler for large areas – with spike
The sprinkler head for large areas
GARDENA AquaContour
Article No. : 8133-20
The innovation in garden irrigation
Soaker Hose 7.5m
Article No. : 1995-20
Fine spray for fragile plants
Soaker Hose 15m
Article No. : 1998-20
Fine spray for fragile plants
Weeper Hose 15m
Article No. : 1969-20
Water-saving irrigation for plants in rows
Pyramid Sprinkler
Article No. : G971