Hose Fittings

Maxi-Flo™ Washer Replacement Kit

Maxi-Flo™ Washer Replacement Kit



New sealing

With the new washers, the Threaded Tap Connectors can be well sealed again.


Washer set for G289 / G2802 Tap Nut Adapters

With the GARDENA Maxi-Flo™ Washer Replacement Kit, the GARDENA Maxi-Flo™ System Tap Nut Adaptors can be newly sealed. The Washer Replacement Kit includes O-rings and Flats GARDENA Maxi-Flo™ Tap Nut Adaptors (Art. No. G2801 and G2802). Through the new washers, the Tap Nut Adaptors holds watertight again, thereby removing the necessity of a new purchase.

Technical Specifications

Article No. G2840
EAN-Code: 9341320000587

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