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Premium Metal Spray Gun - 19 mm

Premium Metal Spray Gun - 19 mm



Water flow rate is infinitely adjustable

Depending on the requirement of the plant, the water flow rate can be infinitely adjusted.


Clean comfortably – water comfortably

Thanks to the lock function of the pulse trigger, longer work can be comfortably carried out. The water flows without interruption.


Excellent handling

The Metal Multi-Purpose Spray Gun lies well in the hand. Thanks to the sturdy and non-slip metal and plastic design with optimal weight distribution.


4 spray patterns – many different applications

Regardless where you would like to water or clean: the four different spray patterns soft spray, bubble-jet spray, hard jet and flat jet achieve best results.


The premium 19 mm multi sprayer

The GARDENA Premium Metal Spray Gun covers all irrigation and cleaning needs with its four spray patterns. The gentle soft-spray and bubble-jet are perfect for watering garden beds and potted plants, and the hard-jet and flat jet can be used to efficiently complete cleaning tasks.Its stainless-steel metal spray head and connector make it extremely sturdy and durable. The ergonomic design has the infinitely adjustable flow control and trigger lock positioned for comfortable one-handed operation.It features a soft plastic tip for comfortable adjustment and damage protection and soft plastic handle components for a comfortable yet secure grip. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Article No. G8107/18
EAN-Code: 9341320000952

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