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Garden Shower trio

Garden Shower trio



Removable shower head like in the bathroom

Bathroom refreshment in the garden. The removable nozzle is ideal for showering and freshening up.


Choose between two spray patterns

The Garden Shower trio extends the showering experience through the various spray patterns. There are two options: the soft spray for showering or the mist spray for gentle refreshment.


Sturdy tripod stand

Through the tripod stand, the Garden Shower can be set up anywhere, also on uneven ground.


Convenient and fully adjustable height

Always the right height: simply set the correct height by pressing a push button on the shower rod.


Softer or harder spray, as you wish

Through the Shut-Off Valve, the water flow can be regulated. You can choose a harder or softer spray.


The comfortable shower for the garden

With the GARDENA Garden Shower trio, showering outdoors is as comfortable as in your bathroom. The tripod stand makes it easy to set the shower up anywhere. The flexible and removable shower head, which is connected to a 1.3 metre-long hose, gives more freedom for garden showering. The fully adjustable height through a simple push button allows ideal setting of the nozzle for every body size.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 960-20
EAN-Code: 4078500096003


Spray pattern Soft spray, Fine mist

Special feature

Frost protection No

Adjustments of handle

Water quantity can be regulated Yes
On/Off trigger No

Support & service

Robotic Service

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