Hedge Clippers

Classic Hedge Clippers 510

Classic Hedge Clippers 510


25 years warranty web only

25-year warranty

The Hedge Clippers are a sustainable investment. A 25-year warranty guarantees highest quality.

FSC Logo GB web use only

Wood from sustainable production

The wood of the handles is FSC-certified, that means GARDENA uses only wood from forests in which high ecological and social production standards are adhered to.


Ergonomic and efficient work

Through the ergonomically formed wooden handles, the Hedge Clippers lie especially pleasant in the hand. With the use of the integrated branch-cutter, individual, thicker branches can be efficiently cut.


Exact shaping

The short, sturdy, straight-ground blades allow precise shaping.


Durable and robust

The Hedge Clippers are especially robust and long-life.


Robust and long-life

The GARDENA Classic Hedge Clippers 510 are especially suited for precise shaping, thanks to the short, sturdy, straight-ground blades. Through the ergonomically formed wooden handles (wood FSC® 100 %-certified), the Hedge Clippers are comfortable to use. They are robust and long-life. The bright galvanised blades have an integrated branch-cutter and are 20 cm long. The Hedge Clippers have a total length of 51 cm. With a warranty period of 25 years, the highest quality is guaranteed.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 397-20
EAN-Code: 4078500039703


Length 51 cm
Blade length 200 mm
Blade Bright galvanised, Straight-ground

Support & service

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