Garden Saws

Extremely flexible and reliable garden saws for everyday use in the garden.
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A strong range of multi-purpose Folding Saws

Gardena lockable hand saw

Handy multi-purpose Folding Saws

GARDENA Garden Saws have a lockable saw blade offering three different sawing angles, and are available in different lengths. The handle has soft components for a firm grip, a stopper that prevents slipping when pulling back, and the blade can be folded for safe storage.

A man cutting a branch with a Gardena saw in a tree with a telescopic handle

Flexible tree care - with or without a handle

Especially efficient for tree pruning, the combisystem Curved Saw can be used with or without a handle. Its special hook removes cut branches easily and the safety clasp ensures a secure connection to the handle.

Gardena Bow saw

Bow Saws – light and robust

Impulse-hardened and rustproof saw blade with fine cut teeth, which is optimally suited for fresh and dry wood. The tip of the bow is pointed for problem-free and safe work in narrow areas. The blade can be easily and quickly replaced without tools.

Range of Gardena garden saws

Flexible and reliable

GARDENA Gardening Saws are made from quality materials and are robust enough to tackle the tree and shrub cutting that smaller tools struggle with.


Garden inspiration

wonderful garden

Gardening for beginners - a quick guide

Everyone nurtures dreams of a beautiful, lush, green garden. But then reality comes knocking and the lack of time and funds can tarnish the dream. Let us help you succeed from the outset.
A woman cutting some roses

The Art of Clever Pruning

To prune or not to prune; that is the question. The answer is almost always YES but When? How much? Why? With what? Many questions arise, we have the answers.

Pruning Fruit Trees

The thought of pruning fruit trees often can fill gardeners with a sense of dread. But once you know how to prune, and understand that it is an important task then it becomes all about the greater good of the harvest.