The specialist tools for thick hedges, shrubs and tall trees

Reach everywhere without getting tangled up! Exact, precise cutting, also in treetops, without a ladder, working safely and comfortably from the ground.

StarCut POS gb

Starcut branch pruners

Cut at heights safely from the ground

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combisystem Pruner

Watch the most important facts about the combisystem Telescopic Branch Pruner.

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GARDENA Cutting Tools

Get the trees and shrubs in the garden ready with the right tools for every application.

Comfort Pruning Lopper StarCut 160 BL
Article No. : 8780-20
The specialist for trees and thick shrubs
Comfort Telescopic Pruning Lopper StarCut 410 BL
Article No. : 8782-20
The specialist for high trees
Combisystem Branch Pruner S with 3-fold Transmission
Article No. : 304-20
Cut high branches from the ground