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Weeding Trowel

Weeding Trowel



Easy functioning principle

Press into soil, turn 180°, pull out, remove – without dirty hands.


Spares the back - no bending over

Weeds can be easily and efficiently removed – all from an upright and back-sparing position, without bending over.


Easy and efficient

The patented special blades allow easy, efficient removal of weeds without effort.


Clean hands

The integrated ejector mechanism removes the weeds in a simple manner, no dirty hands.



To make sure that the resulting holes are quickly overgrown, press again into soil next to the hole and pull the soil to the middle.


Remove weeds without bending down

The GARDENA Weeding Trowel ensures easy and efficient removal of weeds – particularly from troublesome and stubborn dandelions. The Weeding Trowel allows problem-free work in an upright working position – without bending over. Equipped with two special blades (patent pending), the trowel can easily penetrate the ground and effortlessly pull out weeds. The ejector for easy removal of the pulled weeds is practical – without dirty hands. The GARDENA Weeding Trowel has a total length of approx. 110cm.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 3517-20
EAN-Code: 4078500351706