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Get the most out of your garden by taking care of your garden soil, beds and ground.
GARDENA has the hand tools you need to get the job done.

Digging Tools

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Garden Tools

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Pump & Pressure Sprayers

Soft Sprayer 450ml
Article No. : 11102-20
Handy Soft Sprayer for watering seedlings
Pump Sprayer 1 L
Article No. : 11112-20
Practical Pump Sprayer with clever side opening
Pump Sprayer 1 L EasyPump
Article No. : 11114-20
Battery-powered Pump Sprayer with clever side opening
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Garden Accessories

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Garden Decorations

ClickUp! Handle
Article No. : 11300-20
One handle – many possibilities!
ClickUp! Flower Bowl
Article No. : 11320-20
Let your flowers grow in perfect view
ClickUp! Rain Gauge
Article No. : 11340-20
Measure rainfall precisely
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