When it comes to home appliances, connectivity has become a standard and an expectation. Following this trend GARDENA has developed the GARDENA Bluetooth® Water Computer and has made all GARDENA SILENO Robotic Lawnmower Bluetooth® compatible. When connected to the new GARDENA Bluetooth® App, it places control of your irrigation and lawn care in the palm of your hand.

Environmentally friendly. Elegant design. Fully automated. Made in Europe.

Convenience in the garden with GARDENA Bluetooth® Technology

Caring for your garden and the environment has never been easier with the new GARDENA Bluetooth® app. Set and forget your Water Computer and Robotic Lawnmower whilst devoting yourself to other activities.
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Clever Watering

By simply connecting the GARDENA Bluetooth® Water Computer directly to your tap, and programing where, when, how long, and how often you want to water your garden, you are now free to spend more time in (or out) of the garden.

Effortless lawn care

Packed with premium features, the award-winning battery-driven GARDENA SILENO Lawnmower mows your lawn without human intervention, reliably, evenly and quietly. Each model is specifically designed for small, medium or large lawn areas. 

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