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Realise your gardening dreams

Summer days in your own garden

For months, you have been working in your garden. You have cultivated, refurbished and taken care of it. You have invested many hours and now it is time to enjoy the results of what you have worked for. Spending leisure time in your own garden seems strange to many people but you owe it to yourself to do so. You can enjoy the delights of the garden according to your moods and desires – a luxury you should allow yourself more often.

Your garden can be turned into a resort during late summer once extended holidays have ended and only weekends are on offer for relaxation. Don’t waste time on driving to a weekend destination; all you need to do is open your back door and step through.

A few things to consider....



To create an enjoyable holiday atmosphere in your own garden, you should furnish it with beautiful items that give you that holiday feeling. Garden furniture like tables, chairs, sun loungers and sun umbrellas add comfort and style to your backyard. Use accessories like cushions, candles and centerpieces to add vibrant colour and a festive look and of course, your beautiful fresh flowers and planted pots will add to the colour palette. The GARDENA ClickUp! Flower Bowl lets you place your flowers at eye-level keeping them at perfect view. 

Hang up a hammock or create a comfy sitting area to share with friends. Savour the tranquility, take a deep breath and simply relax.

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Gardening is healthy

For passionate gardeners, time in the garden is not a chore but a joy. All the hard work has positive health side-effects too; your blood pressure drops, your heart rate slows and steadies, your stress levels are reduced and your muscles are given the low impact work-out they require.


Add a new room to your home

Have you always wanted to add a new room to your home? Your garden can be transformed into a second living room, dining room and why not, a bedroom during the summer months, especially the cooler ones of February. A large blanket and some cushions transform your beautiful lawn into a kids’ reading corner or the perfect spot for a Saturday lunch at home. Moving the kitchen to the exterior with a classic Aussie BBQ means less time cleaning up and more time with the family.

Nightfall is a great time to live your garden from a different angle. Scattering fairy lights around your sitting area, and lighting up a GARDENA ClickUp! Torch Fireplace will create a cosy atmosphere.

Once night falls and it’s time to head inside for bed, don’t! Just stay out in a tent or swag and enjoy all the sights and sounds of nature at night. It will create childhood memories for your little ones that will be cherished for years to come.

Of course, in your holiday garden you can do everything you want either leisure activities or work which still has to be done in and around the garden. Just make sure to get enough rest and recovery so that you can really enjoy the recreation value at home.

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