The right secateurs for every application

The right secateurs for every application

There is always something to be cut in all areas of the garden. For this reason, secateurs are used almost all year round. For this reason, they should sit well in the hand, cut well and be robust. The new generation of GARDENA Secateurs unites precisely these characteristics.

GARDENA has shown true cutting competence with its secateurs for decades now. This is reason enough to examine the range in more detail in order to improve and re-organise it. As previously, all secateurs are “made in Germany” and Feature a 25-year warranty.

Cutting roses for a vase, pruning standard trees in pots, or cutting back twigs on trees or shrubs – good cutting tools are always required in order to complete these tasks quickly and without having to use much force. The new GARDENA range can provide the appropriate secateurs for all These applications.

The quadruple precision-ground and non-stick-coated upper and bottom blades on the Bypass Secateurs made of stainless steel ensure accurate and clean cutting of young shoots and green plants. Of course, the high-quality Anvil Secateurs also feature a precision-ground and non-stick-coated upper blade for effortless cutting of older and woody branches. Thanks to the single-hand safety lock, all the new GARDENA Secateurs can be safely stored after use.

All the models feature ergonomically shaped handles to enable a hand Position gentle on the joints in any cutting situation. Incorporated soft components ensure additional comfort. Many models also feature a practical handle width-adjustment – the perfect cutting tool for any hand size.

The new GARDENA Secateurs B/S-M, for example, are suitable for cutting flowers, young shoots and green wood. They can be adjusted to two different handle widths. The smaller handle width is particularly practical and strength-saving for gardeners with smaller hands.

The new GARDENA Secateurs B/S-XL are characterised by their particularly high handling comfort. The opening width of the handles can simply be adapted continuously to the user’s hand size. The integrated spring made of stainless steel is protected against contamination, cannot be mislaid, and thus always guarantees a smooth cutting movement.

Particularly robust are the GARDENA Aluminium secateurs B/L with their solid handles made of aluminium. In addition, their blade can be replaced. Skilled gardeners can even readjust the blade as required.

All secateurs are manufactured in Niederstotzingen in Baden-Württemberg, and therefore bear the “Made in Germany”label. GARDENA grants a 25-year warranty on all models.

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