GARDENA Terrace Spiral Hose and GARDENA Terrace Hose Box

Tried and tested classics in a new format

High convenience in use is becoming increasingly important in the garden. And those with small city gardens have the same demands. For this reason, GARDENA now offers Hose and Hose Box in a new format for the simple and convenient irrigation of small gardens or on roof terraces.

The new GARDENA Terrace Spiral Hose is the convenient solution for the irrigation of mini-gardens and plants on balconies and terraces. This means that strenuous rolling out and in is no longer required, as the restoring force of the hose means that it coils itself back up after use. Due to this special feature and a length of only 7.5 metres as well as a bracket already integrated into the Standard Hose Connector, the new GARDENA Terrace Spiral Hose can be stored in a space-saving manner at the tap and is ready for use at all times. The GARDENA Terrace Spiral Hose is available as a set complete with the original GARDENA System Parts and Gun Nozzle. A set with the GARDENA Watering Sprayer will also be available.

The new GARDENA Terrace Hose Box is particularly lightweight and compact. It has a 10 metre-long hose which can be cleanly stored and is easy to transport. The crank handle and the carrying handle on the Hose Box can be folded in. The Hose Box is equipped with a 1.5 m-long connection fitting, the required original GARDENA System Parts and a Gun Nozzle. Due to its low weight, it is easy to transport, and is therefore not just perfect for small gardens and terraces, but also for underway, such as during camping holidays. Simply connect it, roll out the required length of hose and you are good to go! Should no water connection be available on the balcony or terrace, it is possible to simply connect the respective hose inside the house using the GARDENA Adapter for Indoor Taps.

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