Original GARDENA system

The new Original GARDENA System is to be extended

The Original GARDENA System, which has proven its worth in millions of gardens, is now being carefully revised and substantially improved after more than 45 years. GARDENA began their revision with the Original System Parts and the Watering Accessories from the Classic segment. For the gardening season 2016, the new edition of the Comfort segment is ready to go, featuring numerous improvements such as the innovative drip guard, with which GARDENA is setting new standards.

The Original GARDENA System represents simple and flexible watering in the garden. The new Comfort Watering Sprayers and Spray Lances convince above all through their application-orientated spray patterns and functions, which are precisely aligned to the needs of the consumer.

The new Comfort Watering Accessories are equipped with the integrated frost protection technology. An improved handle shape and the integrated soft plastic components ensure a particularly non-slip, pleasant grip. This is also supported through the ergonomic trigger button with integrated lock, as well as the continuous, single-finger regulation of the water quantity.

The new GARDENA Comfort Spray Gun for plant beds is particular suitable for watering large planted areas due to the large spray head with soft spray nozzles. Due to the innovative regulation of the spray angle, the soft spray can be adjusted in width, and thus be adapted exactly to the bed size. Another special feature of the new GARDENA Comfort Spray Gun for plant beds is the integrated, innovative drip guard, which ensures that no residual water is left in the spray gun head. This prevents the device from dripping after use. That means: No wet hands, feet or patio floor. With the new GARDENA Comfort Spray Gun for sensitive plants, it is possible to select between watering with a fine mist, for example for tender seedlings, and a gentle soft spray. The integrated frost protection and the new, rounded handle shape also provide maximum application comfort.

The new GARDENA Comfort Hanging Basket Spray Lance is ideal for watering hanging baskets and inaccessible flower boxes. The swivelling spray head and the adjustable, gentle soft spray or bubble-jet spray permit accurate watering of your plant containers.

The Comfort Spray Lance, with a length of 90 centimetres, provides full flexibility when watering over larger distances. Depending on the requirements, a gentle soft spray or an intensive stabbing spray can be used, for example when removing dirt even in areas which are hard to access.

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