Cutting hedges is as simple as never before

Cutting hedges is as simple as ever

Many hobby gardeners breathe a sigh of relief when they have finally finished cutting their hedge. With the new GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer, cutting of medium-sized and large hedges is completed in the blink of an eye. And, thanks to the innovative catcher for cuttings, trimming hedges becomes a really clean process.

Hobby gardeners place high demands on their hedge trimmers. They should be particularly lightweight, lie well in the hand, feature good balance, be reliable during handling and deliver perfect cutting results. GARDENA unites all these features in the new Electric Hedge Trimmers ComfortCut 550/50, ComfortCut 600/55 and PowerCut 700/65.

Medium-sized hedges are just high enough to provide sufficient privacy and protection against wind, and yet are low enough to permit light and sun to shine into the property. The new GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer ComfortCut 550/50 is perfect for keeping such hedges in shape. It is equipped with a 550 Watt motor and a 50 cm-long blade, using which it is possible to cut branch diameters up to 27 millimetres quickly, cleanly and without using much force. The circumferential ErgoLine handle lies well in the hand in any cutting position, even during cutting of the side hedge sections. The trigger button can be easily operated in any position. The Electric Hedge Trimmer ComfortCut 550/50 is perfectly balanced so that the user can consistently retain a relaxed posture, which is especially important during long periods of use. The ends of the laser-cut precision blades feature impact protection. On the one hand, this protects the user against recoil when cutting close to the ground, and on the other, it protects the blades against damage. The GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer ComfortCut 600/55 has the same product characteristics, but features a 600 Watt motor and a 55 cm-long blade for perfect results when cutting your hedge.

For large hedges, the GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer PowerCut 700/65 is the right choice. Equipped with a 700 Watt motor and a 65 centimetre-long blade, it can cut even thick branches. The blade also features a special geometry which guarantees continuous cutting without blockages and interruptions. This is because the four extended teeth in the upper area of the blade, which are sharpened around their circumference, act like saws and can therefore manage even thick branches easily.

However, once the hedge cutting process is complete, there is still plenty to do in terms of clearing up. The cuttings have to be brushed off the patio and labo-riously removed from the lawn or the gravel bed. With the new, innovative GARDENA Catcher Cut & Collect, this is a thing of the past. The catcher made of flexible, robust fabric and a sturdy baseplate is simply hooked onto the hedge trimmer blade, and work can begin! This makes cutting the sides of hedges in particular a clean job, as the cuttings land directly in the catcher and do not fall to the ground. The catcher doesn’t even have to be removed to empty it. Using the new GARDENA Catcher Cut & Collect, cutting hedges is now as easy as mowing the lawnn.

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