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GARDENA Cylinder Lawnmower: Because it's easy

The trend towards urban gardens with small plots remains unchanged. The owners of such compact plots turn to a Cylinder Lawnmower for an ideally cared-for and yet environmentally-friendly lawn because there is no friendlier method to mow the lawn.

Lawnmowers such as the GARDENA Comfort Cylinder Lawnmower 400 C are pushed without a motor over the lawn area by hand. Without emissions and quiet in use, the hand lawnmower is expressly environmentally-friendly. Besides, they are the optimal solution for a garden without a power connector such as an allotment garden. Another addition is their optimal cutting performance, which quickly turns the lawn area to be mowed into a lush green such as an English show garden.

The contact-free cutting technique of the GARDENA Comfort Cylinder Lawnmower 400 C with 40 centimetre cutting width ensures that the turning cutting cylinder and the fixed bottom blade do not touch. Because the distance between the bottom blade and the cylinder is smaller than the thickness of a blade of grass, the grass has an exceedingly precise cut. Thereby, the cutting height can be comfortably adjusted, optionally from 12 to 42 millimetres.

The contact-free cutting technique is also responsible for allowing the mower to move in a particularly easy, quiet and effort-saving manner over the grass. Furthermore, the GARDENA Comfort Cylinder Lawnmower 400 C comes with large wheels with a special tread. This is good for easy guidance and more grip on the lawn. An additional cover on the cutting block keeps cut grass blades from flying about. As accessory, the Grass Catcher can also be attached.
The frame, with its ergonomic handle, follows the well-known and modern design from GARDENA. It can be folded up in the middle. Therefore, the GARDENA Comfort Cylinder Lawnmower 400 C is easy to carry and has a space-saving storage.

As a starter model, the GARDENA Classic Cylinder 400 is also suitable with the same features as the Comfort Mower, however, without the ergonomically shaped handle and without an additional cover.

With both of the new models, GARDENA has modernised its Cylinder Lawnmower range with the GARDENA Accu Rechargeable Cylinder Lawnmower 380 Li and the GARDENA Electric Cylinder Lawnmower 380 EC belonging to this range – both are powerful, motor operated mowers with 38 centimetres cutting width.

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