New	GARDENA Classic Cylinder Lawnmower 330

Scissor-precision cutting of small lawn areas

Whether small or large – lawn areas have to be maintained. Cylinder Lawnmowers are perfect for use on small lawn areas and supply convincing results – cut for cut – like the new GARDENA Classic Cylinder Lawnmower 330.

Regular cutting is important for a well-maintained lawn. This is the case in large gardens, but also in little city and terraced house gardens. Because space here is frequently limited, a large shed would not look good, and would take up valuable space. Instead, the garden tools must be adapted to the situation, be convenient in handling, compact and take up little space when not in use.

The new GARDENA Classic Cylinder Lawnmower 330 unites all these properties and also convinces with an extremely accurate scissor-precision cut. It can be moved particularly lightly, with little noise and without much force over the lawn, and leaves behind it a clean precision cut thanks to the contact-free cutting technique. The cutting cylinder made of hardened, non-stick-coated quality steel and the fixed bottom blade do not touch each other when mowing the grass. This produces a particularly evenly-finished lawn.

The cutting width of the GARDENA Classic Cylinder Lawnmower 330 totals 33 centimetres. The cutting height can easily be adjusted in four stages. Due to its compact construction, it is particularly manoeuvrable and easy to handle. The handle can be folded up in the centre. Thanks to the specially-shaped carrying handle, the mower can then be easily transported and stored in a small space. This starter model amongst the GARDENA Cylinder Lawnmowers represents a practical alternative to motor-driven mowers, not just for city gardeners but also for the owners of small gardens. The new GARDENA Classic Cylinder Lawnmower 330 requires neither electricity nor petrol to mow; it is particularly quiet, so that not even the neighbours notice you mowing your lawn, and it can be stored even in the smallest of sheds until it is next used.

The new GARDENA Classic Cylinder Lawnmower 330 supplements the range of GARDENA Cylinder Lawnmowers consisting of another Classic and a Comfort model each with a cutting width of 40 centimetres and containing an Accu Re-chargeable and an Electric Cylinder Lawnmower.

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