Accu shear

Accurate little helpers for precise cutting

Perfectly-maintained lawn edges and precisely-cut topiaries and small hedges are a must for gardening enthusiasts. With easy-to-use batterypowered tools such as the new GARDENA Grass or Shrub Shears, accurate cutting is completed in a flash.

GARDENA offers the right tool for every requirement, with perfect handling convenience, diverse functions and the latest battery technology. Using the new Grass Shears AccuCut Li and the new Shrub Shears AccuCut Li, GARDENA rounds off its range and thus provides battery-powered cutting tools at an attractive price.

The new GARDENA Grass Shears AccuCut Li is suitable as the starter model for convenient cable-free maintenance of lawn edges. With a cutting width of 8 centimetres, longer lawn edges can be effectively brought into shape. The easy-running quality blades guarantee optimum cutting performance and a long lifetime. The ergonomic handle permits easy handling and guidance of this small and compact tool.

The new Shrub Shears AccuCut Li are used to cut back branches on small shrubs and hedges or for topiary work. The 12 centimetre-long blade carries out clean and precise cuts without overexerting the user. Both tools are equipped with a powerful, 3.6 Volt lithium-ion battery, and are characterised in particular by their slim and lightweight design. A large locking button and switch on the handle make the application particularly safe and convenient. The blades do not move unless both the switch and the button are pressed simultaneously.

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