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Pruning trees without a ladder – easily and safely

The larger trees become, the more difficult is their maintenance. However, it is no longer necessary to revert to a ladder and strenuous climbing activities in the treetops to achieve the perfect cut, thanks to the new GARDENA Electric Telescopic Pruner TCS 720/20.

In order to promote the vitality of trees, to prevent diseases and to improve the yield from fruit trees, regular pruning is required. In this case, suitable cutting tools are necessary in order to complete tree-pruning activities in a skilled, strength-saving and above all safe manner.

Using the new GARDENA Electric Telescopic Pruner TCS 720/20, it is possible to reach all branches, even the most remote sections of tree, comfortably and safely from the ground. Due to the telescopic handle, the thinning of treetops and delimbing at heights of up to 4.4 metres is easily possible. Branches with a diameter of up to 15 centimetres can be removed without overexertion, even in dense sections of the treetop, thanks to the lightweight and narrow cutting head. The cutting stop at the tip of the cutting blade helps to keep the Telescopic Pruner stably in the correct position when cutting the underside of the branch.

Thanks to the 2-in-1 function, the tool can be used not only for cutting work at a height, but also on the ground. The tiltable cutting head makes this possible. In this way, the cutting angle can easily be adapted, and large branches which have been removed from a tree can immediately be cut into less bulky pieces on the ground.

The new GARDENA Electric Telescopic Pruner TCS 720/20 is driven by a powerful 720 Watt motor. The automatic chain lubrication ensures that the saw chain on the 20 cm-long bar is optimally maintained, and always delivers the perfect cutting results.

GARDENA also offer a battery-powered version of the Telescopic Pruner. The GARDENA Replacement Battery 18 V/2.0 Ah promises absolute freedom of movement, and up to 140 cuts (branch diameter 5 centimetres) can be carried out on one battery charge.

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Linda Klefbeck