Based in Ulm/Germany, GARDENA is the preferred brand for millions of home and garden owners worldwide when it comes to garden care. That is because GARDENA offers a complete range of all that is required – no matter if watering systems, pumps, lawn care, robotics, smart system, tree and shrub care, garden tools, soil cultivation or city gardening. Today GARDENA is the leading brand for high-quality garden tools in Europe and represented in more than 80 countries all over the world. It takes an emotional approach to address those who regard their own garden as a "living space close to nature" and a place of well-being, recreation, and fun. 

Systematic success 

Since its foundation in 1961, GARDENA has developed from a small trading company for garden tools into a worldwide recognized manufacturer of intelligent products and systems for garden care within a few decades. The final breakthrough was made when introducing the Original GARDENA System in 1968. The idea of providing system solutions was continued in the following decades with the GARDENA combisystem (1977), GARDENA accu-system V12, GARDENA Sprinklersystem and GARDENA Micro-Drip-System (all 1990). Learn more about the milestones of product development in timeline of GARDENA history. The secret of success is always based on the high innovative strength of the brand as well as a consistent sales and marketing policy. 


Member of the Husqvarna Group 

Since 2007 GARDENA is a member of Husqvarna Group. As a separate division, GARDENA enjoys sufficient independence to focus on the needs of passionate gardeners and the strengths of the brand. In the context of the entire company GARDENA can benefit from the size and strength of the Group, use their resources efficiently and purposefully build on the shared knowledge. 

The GARDENA timeline 

The Germany based company was founded in 1961 by the salesmen Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner. They first started importing garden tools that originated in France. The final breakthrough was made when introducing the Original GARDENA System in 1968. Owning to its innovative power and the quality of the brand as well as the high user benefit GARDENA quickly advanced to a worldwide renowned manufacturer of intelligently-simple products and systems for garden watering and care in just a couple of years. Since 2007 the company is a member of the Swedish Husqvarna Group. 


1961 - Successfully started over 60 years ago

The company was founded in 1961 in Ulm by Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner. At the begining they sold French garden tools. The final breakthrough was made when introducing the Original GARDENA System in 1968. 



1968 - Quick change of accessories with a "click"

Orange - that is the colour of the Original GARDENA System combining components for watering such as tap connector, hose connector and watering accessory. With its typical design it has become over the decades a timeless classic and an inherent part in Europe's gardens. 


1973 - Working without annoying cable

Introducing cordless freedom already in 1973, GARDENA is ahead of the times. The grass edging shear Accu Grande is followed only one year later by a first assortment that has been continuosly optimazed and extended up to now and that offers various applications form lawn edging to trimming shrubs. 


1975 - Easy, powerful and accurate cutting

A complete range of innovative secateurs and pruning loppers is launched and is extended continuously. With powerincreasing gears, specially shapes blades and grips - in a quality GARDENA willingly warrants for 25 years. 

Gardena_Gartenhacke edit

1977 - One handle for endless applications

The stable system of garden tools with various interchangeable tool heads and lifelong wobble-free screw connection ensures always the right combination with best ergonomics. For more than 30 years, GARDENA has been the clear market leader for system tools. Here too, a 25 year warranty is proudly granted.


1978 - Intelligent use of water in systems

GARDENA has always shown a strong heart for water. In 1978 things really got moving. Whether for watering, draining or domestic water supply, for both clear and dirty water – from the beginning GARDENA offers the right pump for any purpose. 


1985 to 1990 - Convenient and water-conserving irrigation

GARDENA starts with automatic garden irrigation. Since the introduction of the water computer in 1985 the Sprinklersystem and the Micro-Drip-System combine everything you need for intelligent, fully automatic garden irrigation - whether for the lawn or for flower beds. 


1990 - One battery for various tools

GARDENA introduces a system of replaceable batteries and offers a large variety of connectable tools. The continuously growing range includes battery-powered tools for many gardening jobs - equipped with reliable and powerful lithium-ion replacement batteries. 


2007 - The first sprinkler with memory

The AquaContour sprinkler sets new standards for water-conserving irrigation of lawns. Beautiful gardens have fancy designs and individual shapes. With up to 50 programmable key contour points, the AquaContour provides for accuratewatering of almost any area. 


2012 - No more having to mow your lawn

A beautiful lawn needs care. Most of all it needs to be mowed regularly. This means work and takes time. But really, does it have to be like this? GARDENA says: No, thanks. With the Robotic Lawnmower R40Li garden owners no longer need to mow their lawn by themselves, because this innovative robotic mower does it completely by its own. 

Gardena Smart system range

2016 - We make gardening smart 

Introducing the future of gardening: Know exactly how the plants in your garden are doing – anywhere and anytime with the GARDENA smart system. Lawn care and watering are now comfortably app-controlled. This way you gain more time for the things in your garden that you really love.