Electric hedge trimmer

How to achieve the perfect hedge with ease

A lightweight tool with optimum cutting results and good balance – that is what hobby gardeners expect of a hedge trimmer, and this is precisely what GARDENA has once again implemented perfectly with its three new Electric Hedge Trimmers.

Small to medium-sized hedges, which are used to delineate a plot of land or which are planted as wind and privacy protection, must be regularly cut so that they remain in shape and grow evenly. However, cutting hedges is not one of the most popular tasks amongst hobby gardeners. It is therefore all the more important that a hedge trimmer cuts efficiently and cleanly, lies well in the hand through a balanced distribution of weight, and can easily be guided. GARDENA unites all these positive properties in the three new Electric Hedge Trimmers EasyCut 420/45, EasyCut 450/50 and EasyCut 500/55.

The Electric Hedge Trimmer EasyCut 500/55 weighs only 2.7 kilograms. It is equipped with a 55-cm long blade, which, thanks to its optimised blade geometry, ensures an efficient, quick and clean cut. Not only the optimised blade, but also the powerful and high-torque 500 Watt motor guarantees continuous work with little effort required.

An impact protection at the end of the blade protects it when cutting close to the ground, or along house and garden walls. Due to the slim design of the Hedge Trimmer and the new ErgoGrip handle, maneuvering, in particular when cutting the side hedge sections, is particularly convenient. Thanks to the intelligent handle geometry, the blade can easily be guided vertically. Users can retain a relaxed body posture, permitting extended periods of use.

GARDENA has equipped the new Electric Hedge Trimmers with a further safety feature, the cable relief. This prevents inadvertent disconnection of the extension cable during cutting.

The GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer EasyCut 450/50 has the same product characteristics, but features a 450 Watt motor and a 50 cm-long blade. The EasyCut 420/45 is ideal for smaller hedges, and features a 45 cm-long blade, driven by a 420 Watt motor.

With the three new EasyCut models, GARDENA has re-structured their range of Electric Hedge Trimmers, offering price-conscious hobby gardeners a new generation of products of a modern design and with optimum characteristics for optimum results.

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Linda Klefbeck