Gardena PowerMax - The mower makes the difference

The mower makes the difference

Hobby gardeners place particular importance on the condition of their lawns. It should always look perfect – a lush green colour, as dense as a carpet and accurately cut. Using the new GARDENA PowerMax™ lawnmowers – powered by mains electricity or battery – this dream can be achieved.

In particular in the summer months, the lawn has to be mown weekly; only this will ensure the required success. For the perfect mowing results, GARDENA has revised its Electric Lawnmowers, and will be launching four new models this coming gardening season.

The GARDENA Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™ 1200/32 has an impressive 1,200 Watt motor under its housing, which provides extremely high power. This manoeuvrable and lightweight mower with its cutting width of 32 centimetres is suitable for smaller gardens with lawn areas up to approximately 300 m2. The new PowerMax™ generation has plenty to offer here, in particular in terms of convenience. The cutting height can be easily adjusted centrally thanks to QuickFit. The specially-hardened blade provides optimum cutting results. The lawn is also perfectly mown along walls or kerbs. This is ensured through extra lawn combs at the sides of the housing. The new ErgoTec handle makes the mowing process particularly convenient, as the ergonomic handle shape supports the natural hand posture and thus makes pushing the lawnmower particularly easy. Thanks to the CnC System (Cut and Collect System), all models produce convincing results. An improved air circulation and the optimum posi-tion of the grass catcher permit clean and efficient cutting and collection.

If larger lawn areas up to approximately 400 m2 have to be mown, we recom-mend the new GARDENA Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™ 1400/34. It features a cutting width of 34 centimetres and is equipped with a height-adjustable frame and an ErgoTec Plus handle which provides maximum convenience dur-ing mowing, as the user can operate it flexibly in different positions, and even only with one hand. Using the large rear wheels, this model can also move flex-ibly over the lawn without requiring a lot of force. I

f users prefer cable-free lawn mowing and full flexibility, then the GARDENA Accu Rechargeable Lawnmower PowerMax™ Li-40/32 or PowerMax™ Li-40/41 is the right choice. The PowerMax™ Li-40/32 has the same product features as the PowerMax™ 1200/32, but is operated using the new 40 Volt lithium-ion bat-tery. The other model, the GARDENA PowerMax™ Li-40/41, is suitable for larg-er lawn areas of up to 450 square metres. It has a coated steel deck and a particularly powerful and efficient PowerPlus motor. An intuitive key panel at the handle bar with integrated charging level indication ensures highest operat-ing comfort. The new GARDENA System Batteries the mowers operate on can be recharged at any time and are ready for use after just 1.5 hours (depending on the model). GARDENA System Batteries are available in two versions for different runtime requirements: 40 V/2.6 Ah* and 40V/4.2 Ah*.

In addition, the replacement battery is also available as an accessory in the smart version – either individually or in a set with Gateway. Here the smart App provides exact information on the charging level of the GARDENA smart Bat-tery. In addition, information is available on the expected battery cycle for each application. The app warns of excess heat or cold, e.g. when the battery is stored in excessively low temperatures, and ensures an extended battery life. The battery itself has three LEDs from which the charging level can be read. The smart Battery is available in a 40 V/2.6 Ah* und 40 V/4.2 Ah* version.