Fruit collector

Gather windfall fruit without having to bend down

Passionate gardeners have now relied on the GARDENA combisytem for 40 years. This comprehensive range of tools has once again been extended in this anniversary year by the GARDENA combisystem Fruit Collector. Another two attachment tools have been revised and improved again.

In the first months of summer, native fruits are already ripening and can be harvested. Every lucky gardener in possession of a tree hanging heavy with fruit can enjoy the sweet fruits of their labour. If, however, they possess several trees with windfall fruit in their garden, harvesting becomes a chore, and enjoyment quickly turns to frustration. This is because apples and pears lying on the orchard floor are hard to gather before they begin to rot.

Using the new GARDENA combisystem Fruit Collector, however, it is also possible to gather the fruits quickly and without having to bend over. Simply roll the Fruit Collector over the windfall fruit, and already you will find them in the collecting basket, which is made of flexible plastic struts. These fan out as the collector rolls across the fruit, allowing the windfall to slide inside before springing back into position and thus preventing anything from falling out again. If the fruit is located very close to the tree trunk, simply use the practical shovel to pick it up. The side opening is also used to empty the Fruit Collector. This means you don’t have to bend down to reach the fruit. Simply tip it, and already the fruits drop into a basket or bucket.

The GARDENA combisystem Fruit Collector is highly versatile in use, as fruits of different sizes can be gathered with it. Garden enthusiasts can gather everything from walnuts to apples without overexerting themselves. Right on time for their anniversary, GARDENA has redesigned and improved two further products from the combisystem. With the new Plastic Adjustable Rake, a truly classic tool has been given a makeover, and has become even easier to adjust. And the new combisystem Road Broom now cleans even more effectively with the new mixture of hard and soft bristles. GARDENA provides a 25-year warranty on all combisystem attachment tools.