New: GARDENA Hand Tools Promotion

Step into the world of gardening with GARDENA

GARDENA'S attractive handheld tools set packaged inside a plastic watering can is a great starter kit for first-time gardeners, an ideal supplement to an experienced hobby gardener’s tool range and an attractive fast-mover creating additional revenue for retailers.

The new set consists of a hand trowel, secateurs and a pair of planting and soil gloves, all conveniently tucked into a multifunctional watering can. But the can does not just serve as a robust packaging material for the tools. It is also suitable as a small watering can or for pouring flower soil and is a useful potting aid.

For retailers, this set is an ideal supplement to seasonal promotions: for example as an Easter present in combination with early bloomers, as a small gift for BBQ parties or, in autumn, as an impulse purchase placed next to the flower bulbs. An attractive price makes this set a constant fast-mover for the 2017 gardening season.

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Linda Klefbeck