The finishing touches for your lawn

Even smaller gardens have corners and edges where your lawnmower reaches its limits. This is where trimmers are required for the finer work. GARDENA has updated its range of Electric Trimmers, and provides two new starter models on which operating convenience and accurate cutting are of primary importance.

Minor tidying work and accurate lawn edge cutting should not take more time than mowing the lawn itself. For this reason, electrically-operated trimmers are popular with garden owners. The two new starter models from the GARDENA range are truly lightweight products, and are characterised by their perfect ergonomics, which makes them particularly pleasant to handle.

Even the GARDENA SmallCut 300/23 is exceptionally efficient with its 300 Watt electric motor. In particular tall gardeners prefer the GARDENA SmallCut Plus 350/23, which ensures quick cutting with its powerful 350 Watt motor. This model features a substantially longer handle. Therefore, the working height is approximately 10 cm higher, helping even taller people of over 1.75 metres in height to stand with a good posture whilst trimming. An extra-large additional handle on both models permits not only the safe guidance of the tool, but also a relaxed, upright posture.

Both Electric Trimmers also feature a fully-controllable filament feed, as is always the case for professional tools. Due to this Bump Feed, the trimmer filament is only extended when and as far as the user wishes.

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Linda Klefbeck