Hedge trimmer

Effortlessly brings high hedges into shape

Quite a number of garden enthusiasts throw in the towel when it comes to working at a height. Trimming high hedges then quickly becomes a real challenge. The GARDENA Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer THS 500/48 is the perfect choice here, as you can bring your hedges perfectly into shape whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Having to scale heights to trim high hedges is not to everyone’s taste. In addition, these frequently rather daring climbing exploits on wobbly ladders are potentially extremely dangerous. Yet garden maintenance should under no circumstances be hazardous: it should be fun, and balance out our stressful everyday life.

It is no trouble at all to trim high hedges using the new GARDENA Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer THS 500/48. Thanks to the telescopic handle, it is easy to bring hedges of up to 3.50 metres in height into perfect shape. Optimised blade geometries and a laser-cut precision blade guarantee an efficient, fast and clean cut. The hedge trimmer head can simply be bent in order to bring the 48 cm-long blade into the correct cutting position. This allows hedge tops to be conveniently and accurately cut without having to climb a ladder. In the same way, it is unnecessary to bend down, as the tool is also perfect for trimming groundcover plants with ease.

Whether cutting at a height or on the ground, the Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer lies perfectly in the hand thanks to its ergonomically-shaped handle and intelligent weight distribution. And your other hand remains free for improved guidance in the intended handle area, as it can retain its position whether the handle is extended or not.

With the powerful and high-torque 500 Watt motor, continuous cutting is possible without annoying blockages and interruptions. Even larger hedge sections can easily be maintained using the Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, as it only weighs 4.1 kilograms, making it perfect for sustained periods of use.

For all those who prefer cable-free work, GARDENA has another alternative in its range, the Accu Telescopic Hedge Trimmer THS Li-18/42. The lightweight cutting tool, which features a GARDENA Replacement Battery 18 V/2.0 Ah, promises absolute freedom of movement and optimum cutting results.

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Linda Klefbeck