Do it yourself Door Wreaths

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Wreaths have a very long tradition. As early as ancient Egypt, guests were welcomed with beautiful wreaths. In autumn, many materials can be found for a wreath in the nature or your own garden. Particularly suitable for this are fruit/berries, branches, blooms or even nuts. Individual results are created according to personal taste and preferences. Such a wreath can be created in just a few easy steps and we will show you everything you need for a creative door decoration from the wreath foundation to the choice of materials. Let your creativity run free and greet your guests with a beautiful door wreath from your own garden.

The wreath foundation

The foundation for a wreath is always made with a frame. You can find wreath foundations in the DIY Superstore, flower shop or in arts and crafts stores. They are usually made of materials such as Styrofoam, straw, decorative greenery or branches. You can make the foundation for an autumn wreath yourself. For example, willow branches, climbing plants or even newspaper is suitable for this. To make a foundation out of newspaper, numerous pages are placed fan-like on top of each other and twisted into a cord. A wreath is automatically formed. Place the ends on top of each other and wrap wire around it. Finally, wrap the entire wreath with wire. With a foundation made of willow branches, simply bend the branches in a circle in the desired size and wrap the ends as well as the entire wreath with wire to secure.
When the foundation is finished, the decorating can begin. We have put together two decoration options appropriate for this time of year. You may choose whether to decorate your foundation with dried apples or berries. Walk through your garden again with open eyes and be inspired by our suggestions.

Wreath with apples

The most suitable types are those with beautiful red skin. If you have an apple tree in your garden, you can set several aside before harvesting. In addition, you will need box tree and rose hip.
Cut the apples in thin slices and rub both sides with lemon juice. Place them in the oven at 50 – 70 degrees for four to six hours to dry, turning them often. During this time, you could attach box tree and rose hip to the wreath foundation with the help of florist’s wire. It is important that the stems are long enough so that they are securely held in place. All material to be used should be placed overlapping as with roof tile so that the wreath has a uniform thickness and all stems are hidden. Afterwards, attach the apple slices with hot glue.

Wreath with berries and roses

A foundation made of willow branches is most suitable for this version. Collect blackberry branches and roses from your garden and cut them with secateurs in equal lengths.
Afterwards, bind these together in small bunches and attach them to the wreath with wire. Place the individual bunches overlapping similar to roof tile. The blossoms and berries cover up the stems of the previous bunch. The wire should be pulled tight so that nothing comes loose. When you reach the end of the wreath, stick the end under the blossoms and berries so that the wreath has a uniform look.

What you will need:

• Secateurs 
• Gloves (for work with wire) 
• Wreath foundation 
• Binding wire 
• Hot-glue gun 

Autumn material from the garden: 
• Fruit/berries (possibly dried) 
• Blooms 
• Grains 
• Branches 
• Leaves 
• Nuts 

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